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Savior Self – The Resurrection of Bliss

Savior Self - The Resurrection of Bliss


Package Walker, Visitor
Waking Occasions

turning past

Throughout us, issues appear to be breaking down. Many of us, who’re seeing the hopelessness of making an attempt to impact change within the outer world, are turning inside for options. However someway the entire concept of turning inside rings a bit hole, figuring out all of the struggling and madness that is occurring throughout us. We nonetheless maintain considering there have to be a method to assist “out there”, to result in constructive change on the planet. So we maintain battling the outer world, as a result of turning inside is taken into account “selfish”. And certainly it may be, if not finished in the suitable spirit.

So my query is, is there one other various? How about turning past? How would that be? Is there a solution to transcend, AND be efficient within the relative world? To really be on the planet however not of it? To face earlier than it arises, with eyes vast open, and to see proper via all of it? and thereby be a fireplace that effortlessly burns the false?

extra right here than right here

And by “beyond” i imply what’s much more right here than right here. This “Beyond” just isn’t elsewhere. And, the phrase “turning” isn’t actually correct, both, as a result of Past has no path, it’s All-Pervading. “Turning” implies focusing consideration, however Past is the realm of No-Consideration.

The “outer” is a subject of consideration. The “inner” is a subject of consideration. However the Past, the Everlasting, is the sector of No-Consideration. It can’t be reached by any technique or mode of consideration. So to entry the realm of No-Consideration requires a paradoxical understanding and technique.

Maybe once we are “turned beyond” we shall be equally at residence and efficient inside or with out, as a result of then we’re grounded within the nice integrating Radiant Drive of that which is past all opposites, and which reveals the hidden unity behind all obvious polarities. For me, “non-duality” is just not full, till all seeming opposites are built-in, viscerally, within the physique, not simply transcended.

butterfly efficient

However what if this slight however profound adjustment from “within” to “beyond” is definitely far more highly effective than we expect? Maybe if we will really be complete about it, our whole world will flip inside out, and it will open up an immense storehouse of power and perception that we will share with the world, simply naturally, second to second. Maybe that is the solely strategy to be really efficient, even. Once we meet our true expression, is once we start to grow to be really efficient, even when apparently doing little greater than merely present. We might name this being butterfly efficient. Issues start to work on their very own, in mysterious and synchronistic methods you by no means might have imagined.

And this turning inside/past can also be spiraled. It’s within the form of the torus, and has the irrational infinite harmonics of the Fibonacci collection. It isn’t so simple as gazing at one’s navel. However it’s our pure state, so additionally it is easy. We’ve to interact it with precision and delicate perception, and stick with love, and second to second give up into the present, and we WILL distill the nectar : ananda or bliss.

(notice on this image the unity level on the middle of the torus)

The time period ‘bliss’ has been so abused that the majority of us have an entire misunderstanding of what it’s, and have misplaced connection to easy methods to entry it. I consider that the work of resurrecting our bliss course of is the only most necessary and efficient factor we might do, each for ourselves and for the world, and on this essay i want to discover why that’s, and easy methods to re-member it, in different phrases, how you can truly re-embody it.

bliss is parasite repellent : true safety

We’ve got seen rather a lot coming into the collective consciousness in the previous few years concerning the Parasite. The astrological configuration of Uranus sq. Pluto since round 2010 has given many of us an opportunity to see by way of the veil far more clearly, and people of us with our imaginative and prescient intact have been seeing that there’s an additional-dimensional parasitic agenda happening. This was launched to us additionally within the 70s within the works of Castaneda, and his tales of the shaman Don Juan who referred to “the Flyers”, invisible parasitic beings who feed on our power and lightweight. In fact this matter goes again millennia, as it’s a main theme right here on planet Earth. The truth is it has probably been with humanity because the starting. The historic Gnostic teachings (the Nag Hammadi texts) additionally confer with the archons, parasitic 4th dimensional entities for whom the human realm is little greater than a farm, and people are their cattle.

“i just want to know about your different lives, on this here people farm” – Jimi Hendrix

These days it has actually come out of the closet, this agenda, and is full-on in our faces. Solely those that are nonetheless quick asleep are failing to note the manifestations and ramifications of this, a minimum of on some degree. And people of us who’re engaged on this mom of all battles with these entities are going by way of deep and in depth modifications, making an attempt to know what they’re and the way to cope with them, and the way to finally be free of them.

Sri Aurobindo made it very clear:

“Looking at all that is and has been happening in human history – the eye of the Yogin sees not only the outward events and persons and causes, but the enormous forces which precipitate them into action. If the men who fought were instruments in the hands of rulers and financiers, these in turn were mere puppets in the clutch of those [occult hyperdimensional] forces. When one is habituated to see the things behind, one is no longer prone to be touched by the outward aspects – or to expect any remedy from political, institutional or social changes. The only way out is through the descent of an [embodied] consciousness which is not the puppet of these forces but is greater than they are.”
~ Sri Aurobindo

That “descent of embodied consciousness” is our bliss, and is the true safety.

our magic tortoise

Just lately, whereas listening to the sensible scientist Dan Winter, he made a remark that struck me. And that’s, that we’re ALL parasites, IF we wish to the obvious outdoors world for our bliss.

Our bliss is our Pure Consciousness, and is the fountain of everlasting life. It IS everlasting. We’ve entry to it, all the time, as we let go into the Luminous Subject through which our personal physique/thoughts is presently arising. However it’s SO innate to us, even nearer than house, that we miss it. It’s like failing to note the area during which the whole lot arises, as a result of we’re so mesmerized by what’s arising in that area.

However so long as we persist in making an attempt to entry this bliss by way of conditions and beings within the seeming “outside world” (which sages all through historical past, and recently even scientists have decided is an phantasm), we fall into the lure of the Parasite, which screens this world, like a hidden grasp, manipulating the levers of this “reality”. By means of this system of the Parasite, we’re satisfied that there’s a approach to entry this Unconditional Happiness, someplace “out there” in circumstances, within the hologram. And that’s exactly how our power is harvested.

The I Ching alerts us to this dilemma:

from the I Ching, hexagram 27, “Offering Nourishment, line 1:


“9 firstly means:
You let your magic tortoise go,
And take a look at me with the corners of your mouth drooping. 

The magic tortoise is a creature possessed of such supernatural powers that it lives on air and wishes no earthly nourishment. The picture signifies that a person fitted by nature and place to reside freely and independently renounces this self-reliance and as an alternative appears with envy and discontent at others who’re outwardly in higher circumstances. However such base envy solely arouses derision and contempt in these others. This has dangerous outcomes.“

So, the easiest way to fight the Parasite is to stop giving it our power, by permitting our consideration to fall again to its supply, the Infinite Properly of Being, the portal to which is within the coronary heart. To be free of the Parasite, STOP BEING A PARASITE! We every have our personal supply of infinite energy and power, and we’re required, eventually, to get up to this reality. It will ultimately lead us to the method of initiation, into the Nice Work. The change could be very easy, virtually nothing, however, paradoxically, additionally it is an ordeal which requires our innate superhuman intelligence and talent to move by means of,

All roads result in our uniqueness

Everybody’s religious awakening course of is exclusive. Because of our totally different conditioning and circumstances of life, every one of us may have a specific option to proceed with the unwinding of our conditioning, and as soon as realization occurs, we’ll every have a singular expression of that awakening. I consider that the astrology chart might be useful on this respect.

It is very important word, too, that religious awakening, or enlightenment, will dissolve the sense of separate self, or ego, however will NOT destroy the individuality. Actually, it is going to be the primary time our true individuality will have the ability to manifest. This is a vital level to be very clear on. Additionally, there isn’t a finish to the initiations that one passes by means of. However clearly there’s a “point of no return”, a threshold.

There’s a New Age assumption, fairly in all probability based mostly in social engineering, that when we understand enlightenment we’ll simply be blissfully comfortable on a regular basis, in a constructive emotional state, all our issues will stop, and we’ll dissolve into this cloud of nebulous groupthink the place we’ll not have a singular expression or level of view. Typically, this state is described as being “blissed out”.

This type of bliss, which is on sale at new age festivals and the like, is NOT what i’m referring to. It isn’t some variety of “enlightened behavior” that one cranks up when “on the scene”.

Aquarius Leo polarity

That is the Aquarius with out the Leo, within the Aquarius/ Leo polarity. However like i’ve stated earlier than, solely when a polarity like that is resolved and built-in, do we actually see the constructive sides of each indicators manifest.

Aquarius with out Leo is a crowd of individuals, holding their heads down, not wanting to face out, following alongside with out questioning the narrative (nevertheless “revolutionary”) of the gang. Leo is the one who stands out on his personal, goes his personal approach, and finds his personal distinctive expression. When these two polarities work collectively, that is when we’ve a balanced awakening, for the person, and the society. A society of woke up, artistic, and sovereign people. Has that ever occurred earlier than? Doesn’t seem like it, however there’s no time like the current.

extra on the Leo Aquarius polarity right here: from selfies to Self-realization: resolving the Leo/Aquarius polarity

I just like the phrase “individual”:


“late Middle English (in the sense ‘indivisible’): from medieval Latin individualis, from Latin individuus, from in- ‘not’ + dividuus ‘divisible’ (from dividere ‘to divide’).”

So a person is somebody who’s undivided, and never separate from Supply, and from All. But in addition, (or maybe i ought to say, as a result of of that,) a person is somebody who is exclusive, in contrast to anybody else. It’s a paradox that the mediocre thoughts simply can’t include.

We aren’t speaking about ego right here. We’re speaking about our distinctive expression, which involves full flower once we awaken to the Transcendental Fact of who we really are. To many, enlightenment might appear to be some variety of ethereal-fairy pie-in-the-sky concept that would by no means probably occur, maybe some idealistic “mindset”, however we solely need to look into the lives of all those that have affirmed it in their very own case, to see that we will not be able to guage by hook or by crook. Simply because it hasn’t dawned on you but, doesn’t imply it’s inconceivable.

absolute certainty

This isn’t the type of factor anybody can persuade anybody about. And nobody however you is within the place to admit your personal awakening. However nobody goes to congratulate you both, or offer you a medal. You’ll get no “certificate”, in reality, it is rather probably nobody will even discover. And, fairly probably, individuals will hate you for it. Jesus is an effective instance of what can occur. However, paradoxically, your woke up nature wants to precise itself, and can discover the best way to take action, it doesn’t matter what. It turns into a sort of crucial.

When it occurs, you’ll realize it, and likelihood is, nobody else will even care. In the event you aren’t positive, then it hasn’t occurred but. When it occurs you’ll have absolute certainty about it, and, in reality, increasingly more, it’s going to actually be the one “thing” that you simply do have absolute certainty about. And the necessity to know something for positive in addition to that, may even effortlessly fall away. It won’t remedy your issues, however it should dissolve them, together with their supply, the I-thought.

And right here’s the kicker: if you turn out to be one with this “thing” that no one notices, you probably will develop into invisible. Nobody will discover you, both. The Narcissus in us doesn’t like this concept in any respect. However, being invisible has its deserves.


In Sanskrit there’s the time period “sat-chit-ananda” which suggests “existence (and truth), consciousness, bliss”. The implication is that Existence (Pure Existence Itself), or Fact (sat), is itself bliss, or ananda. All these three qualities are one and the identical. So that suggests that merely to exist is blissful. We will see this in animals far more than in people. Animals haven’t any drawback with merely present, however to people, that is boring. We’d like “entertainment”, i.e. distraction, or at the least we expect we do. For my part, this want for distraction from our personal completion, is because of the worry of dissolution of separate self, and the delivery of true individuality. Therefore the complete leisure business, whose primary objective, it appears to me, is to distract you from your self.

Blissed out fox

SAT is Fact. We won’t arrive to bliss if we can’t face, after which BE the reality, as SAT = ANANDA. Relative fact is the doorway to the last word fact. We’ll by no means know final Fact if we can’t face relative fact, i.e. WHATEVER is true about our expertise right here and now. Our love for the reality, for What IS, turns into our solely motivation.

So keep in mind, in case you purchase the cultural lie, in any form or type, you’ll not have full, if any, entry to your personal bliss, your personal infinite “bank account”, the nicely of Everlasting Being. As a result of bliss is one and the identical as TRUTH. SAT=ANANDA. And once you purchase the lie, you forgo the reality, and thus you’re meals for the Parasite. It’s that straightforward. You’ll be able to borrow its “power” for a time, however in the long run it eats you.

the answer to every thing is nearer than you assume

So what this all boils right down to, is that if we will sluggish ourselves down, loosen up, and free our consideration from all of the methods it’s sure, we’ll start to grow to be blissful naturally and spontaneously, as a result of it’s the very substance of our pure existence. There’s nothing that may be finished about it. It’s extra a query of stopping doing, though that can’t be pressured. Stopping doing can turn out to be a doing. So we now have a riddle, a Koan, on our arms, and the reply to the riddle goes to need to be paradoxical.

Savior Self

Ever since i used to be a toddler i all the time had the sensation that the Second Coming of Christ, the Savior, was truly going to be inside each one of us, and never some being who comes from the surface to save lots of us. And now i’m sure of it. There’s not going to be something or anybody within the outer world that involves “save” us. We now have to find and keep in mind the Christ inside us. As Osho all the time stated: “Be a Christ, not a Christian”.

Now to many of us, the thought of being a Christ oneself is definitely blasphemous. However that’s simply the air pollution of the church in our minds. And the church is an enormous half of how we have been hacked, so watch out. As a result of in the event you resurrect the Christ inside you, they’re OUT OF A JOB. So, a lot as they go on and on about Christ, God, and the like, so that you can understand your everlasting Christ-nature is the LAST factor they need you to do. In order that they have invented elaborate fairy tales, myths, and tales, which can be symbolic hints at one thing, however they’re all meant as leisure, distraction, to maintain your consideration sure within the phantasm, the Maya, of the outer world.

Sure, this system of lies all the time accommodates a bit of fact, as a result of it is aware of that we’ll not be attracted with out it. And sure, we’ve bullshit detectors, though they must be dusted off, rebooted, and upgraded. In order that they put the little tidbit of fact on the hook of faith, like a worm on the fisherman’s hook. It’s bait, to lure you in. However then you’re caught there of their system, ready for these little crumbs, these handouts of half truths, simply sufficient to maintain you coming again, however undoubtedly not sufficient to liberate you. Have you ever observed this drawback? And it’s in ALL the religions, however particularly the “big 3”, the Abrahamic ones. Their perform is to maintain you misplaced, in the dead of night, and struggling. And all it takes is one blissful second to see by way of the complete lie, and you’ll by no means be the identical once more. So the church has an excellent funding in ensuring even one second like that doesn’t occur. (This isn’t to say that there usually are not good and honest individuals in all religions, or that one can’t understand within the context of a faith. However it’s clearly time for an improve.)

So resurrecting your personal direct connection to Supply is a should. And to me, that is the essence of being a real Gnostic. It’s truly religious science. These two, spirituality and science, at their highest expression, are literally one and the identical.

JeSuis Christ

And what’s Christ precisely? Too typically the Christ is conflated with Jesus, however it’s apparent, (isn’t it?) , that though related, they’re two distinct “things”. Jesus the person might or might not have existed, however how can we actually know for positive? Admit it, it’s all rumour ! None of us have been there in individual.

There’s a lot debate concerning the historical past of Jesus the person, which is, as soon as once more, i really feel, simply to distract from the purpose, which is that Christ IS actual, and is NOW, and is everlasting and is all the time accessible.

To me, the Christ is the miraculous capability all of us have, at the very least probably, to truly BE the Divine, Pure Infinite Acutely aware Bliss, right here and now, on this seemingly restricted type, this physique. A Fractal of the Entire, which accommodates it ALL. Assume hologram. Christ is the holographic CRYSTal inside us. To be Infinite and finite concurrently. The “Son (Sun) of God”. It’s such an ideal Miracle, that merely to acknowledge it as your True Self is ecstatic (one other completely misunderstood time period). It’s the final paradox, however there’s nothing spiritual about it. It’s truly half of our pure capability right here, however like i stated, it has been hacked and disconnected in us, after which couched in lots of obscure mysticism, to maintain us enslaved.

We will see this described differently right here:

Rudolf Steiner on the Etheric Christ:

“Almost a hundred years ago, as if peering into a crystal ball and predicting the future, spiritual teacher and clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner prophesied that the most momentous event of modern times was what he referred to as the incarnation of the etheric Christ. By the “etheric Christ,” Steiner is referring to a contemporary-day model of Christ’s resurrection physique, which may be conceived of as being a artistic, holy and entire-making spirit that’s inspiring human evolution because it operates upon the physique of humanity by way of the collective unconscious of our species. Involving a radically new understanding of a timeless religious occasion, the etheric Christ, as an alternative of incarnating in full-bodied bodily type, is approaching by way of the realm of spirit—as shut as this immaterial spirit can get to the edge of the third-dimensional bodily world with out incarnating in materialized type. To cite Steiner, “Christ’s life will be felt in the souls of men more and more as a direct personal experience from the twentieth century onwards.” ~Paul Levy

bliss as electrical energy

I’ve been comfortable to return throughout the work of Dan Winter lately, and it has helped me join lots of dots on this topic. He has given us an exquisite understanding of the bliss course of as being truly an ELECTRICAL phenomenon, actually fairly a scientific rationalization, with none of the spiritual baggage hooked up to it.

I should not have the scientific background he has, particularly his background as an electrical engineer, so i like to recommend learning his work. However one factor that he says that resonated instantly for me is that bliss is an IMPLOSIVE course of, and he has the science to again it up. Now this can be a phrase i by no means would have thought of to explain it, however the minute i noticed that it was a complete AHA! In fact. To me, that’s precisely the way it feels.


Dan additionally associates bliss with gravity, one other perception that i by no means would have thought of, as a result of it’s also pure grace, however nonetheless, to me that additionally makes good sense. He calls it a centripetal drive, which is the other of centrifugal. So it’s the tendency for every little thing to maneuver in the direction of the middle, relatively than away from it. After which, my favourite, he additionally says that it’s a NEGENTROPIC pressure, which is one thing that goes towards entropy. Lets say, it’s the pressure that makes issues “come together”. In different phrases, LIFE !

Take a look at Dan’s work right here:

Appears to me an integral part if we’re to “come together as one”, which so many of us appears to need to see occur lately. And of course, nobody goes to “do” your bliss course of for you. That is your duty, and yours alone.

In my earlier article, “Freedom is an Inside Job”, i discussed entropy: “Imagine the possibilities! Imagine a reality without entropy, that pesky tendency that everything seems to have to eventually gradually fall apart, die and decay.”

Subsequently it appears very important, fairly actually, that we acknowledge the distinction between entropy and negentropy, and align ourselves accordingly.

the important thing to our resurrection

So i used to be thrilled to seek out this scientific affirmation in Dan Winter’s work, that this “fractal implosion” of bliss, is in reality negentropic. Because of this sure, Eternity exists, and is actual, and may manifest on this dimension. And that actually, it’s a elementary, if not the elementary element of our existence right here. We ARE everlasting beings, and our bliss course of is the important thing to our resurrection, to the resurrection of the Christic capability inside every one of us.

The implications go on and on. With negentropy, the entire paradigm of demise and decay and falling aside of every thing, the centrifugal drive, is counteracted. So which means awakening and stewarding our bliss course of is the only most essential “thing” we might “do” for ourselves, AND the world. Sure, it appears like nothing, however that’s the paradox. It’s the whole lot.

So first, you resurrect your bliss course of, after which it resurrects YOU, resurrects the Christ inside you, so that you could be lead a brand new life, the life everlasting. After which it begins to work via you spontaneously on the world round you. And that is one thing actually value investigating, as a result of for the primary time, it means we will grow to be really and effortlessly efficient right here.

the bliss past bliss

I’d wish to make some distinctions about bliss, a minimum of in my expertise, as i really feel we have to sharpen our understanding of simply what it’s. Like i stated, I really feel that it’s the root of the answer for our world, that every one of us have the ability to entry, to resurrect, if you’ll, our personal bliss course of. However we’ve been bought a sort of starry eyed, rose coloured glasses model of bliss that utterly avoids its transformational hearth. Therefore, we could also be lacking what is true beneath our nostril, as a result of we’re in search of one thing totally different.

First of all, my feeling is that the standard of the “experience” of bliss modifications significantly when one graduates to a constant reference to it, moderately than one thing that one accesses solely every now and then. Maybe a greater method to describe it’s that second when one’s “center of gravity” shifts, for good, to the fixed consciousness of oneself AS one’s essence, or pure Existence. As soon as once more, this statement comes from my very own direct “experience”. It could possibly be argued, and doubtless has been, that it’s truly a unique variety of bliss, the “bliss beyond bliss”. Both method, for my part, there’s a distinct distinction. And this “bliss beyond bliss” just isn’t about “getting high” or escaping in any approach. Quite the opposite, it’s Absolute Gravity, within the Everlasting Right here and Now.

inhabiting a lightning bolt

For somebody who not often has entry to it, it may be an unimaginable aid from the self-contracted existence. We’ve a momentary glimpse into our everlasting Nature, which could be a highly effective expertise that even when we can’t maintain it, we will definitely keep in mind as a sort of milestone, and may give us the impetus we have to proceed within the course of of reconnecting and re-membering it. So it may well really feel intensely pleasurable, in distinction with the tight and restricted perspective of the small and separate “self”.

Nevertheless, as soon as the bliss present awakens completely in a single, as soon as it turns into one’s on a regular basis actuality, i’d wish to recommend, that the standard of how one experiences it modifications. As a result of to be able to awaken the bliss present to a sustainable situation, one has to transcend oneself, and the entire world of opposites, together with constructive/adverse, good/dangerous. And that is an ongoing, second to second course of which could be very intense at occasions as a result of the present may be relentless.

Whereas earlier than, one can expertise a momentary opening into bliss as a really “positive” expertise, when one enters into the present as an ongoing state, now one not experiences it as constructive or unfavourable, and even as an expertise. Might you name your True Nature, who and what you really ARE, an expertise? If something, it’s who or what’s conscious of experiencing AND collaborating actively within the creation, by way of the creativeness.

An excellent analogy is that of electrical energy. Electrical energy by itself is neither good or dangerous, constructive or destructive (though it really works in polarity), however it may be skilled in both approach relying on the circumstances. So embodying the bliss present is very similar to conducting an electrical present. Actually i feel that this isn’t actually a metaphor, however quite precisely what occurs. Bliss is an electrical occasion, simply as, we’re starting to note, the whole universe is.

Dan Winter additionally refers to it as inhabiting a lightning bolt. Does that sound like one thing “pleasurable”?

“The day when we shall know exactly what “electricity” is, will chronicle an occasion in all probability higher, extra necessary than another recorded within the historical past of the human race.” ~Nikola Tesla

a steady orgasm

So when one is in steady union with this present, one can undergo a myriad of interpretations of it, from intensely pleasurable to painful even. One other good analogy is that of an orgasm, which for most individuals is the closest to bliss that they will attain on this life. In orgasm, one dissolves in a sort of momentary dying (petit mort in French) that’s intensely pleasurable, however a lot in order that it additionally virtually hurts as properly. In any case, it’s a demise!

Think about being in an orgasm continuously. Sure, pleasure, but in addition ache. The two merge in an enigmatic sensation that’s typically not what i might name pleasant, within the typical sense. It’s past any description like that. You can find, that your makes an attempt to explain it’s going to circle round it, with out ever with the ability to contact it.

So think about making an attempt to perform on the earth whereas in a continuing orgasm. That is going to make some issues very onerous to do. Think about going buying at a mall, driving in visitors, strolling by way of an intense metropolis, or going to work, particularly to a job you don’t like, in a state of steady orgasm. We’re going to should study to perform at an entire different degree, and we’re going to discover that there are lots of issues we used to do, that we simply can’t do any extra. And we’re in all probability going to need to stay in a pure and peaceable surroundings as a lot as potential. Ultimately our “circuitry” adapts to it, however not and not using a full overhaul of our life and priorities.

I consider that is half of the rationale individuals are so afraid of really accessing their bliss. To make certain, it’s going to change every part about your life. When you’ve got ever tried to interface with “the world”, i.e., on a regular basis life, whereas on LSD or another psychedelic, you possibly can have some concept of the challenges. You’ve turn out to be tremendous delicate to “vibes”, you immediately see beneath the floor of individuals’s motives, you are feeling the power behind phenomena, you are feeling the struggling of all, and also you turn out to be very cautious about who and what you expose your self to. Since you see clearly, how the “world” is absolutely set as much as crush this impulse, quite than help it. You progressively start to note there’s a struggle happening right here.

ecstatic electrical energy

So, when bliss is just not all the time out there, we are likely to make it into some type of extraordinary state, a “positive” type of “experience” that we will “have”, and later gather as a reminiscence. And we will even flip that reminiscence into an alternative to the bliss course of altogether.

However once we grow to be established within the bliss course of, it slowly however certainly erodes all sense of stability within the bodily world, whereas on the similar time reconnecting us with the true stability, that of Being itself. As soon as one begins to embody this stability, it may be felt within the physique as absolute solidity, even a bodily palpable variety of thickness or strain, far more strong even than the bodily “reality”. That is the bedrock of existence. Its solidity is everlasting.

The electrical present finds its True Floor in a drive subject that’s past strong. When this degree of solidity begins to combine into the physique, the sense of being grounded might be nothing brief of ecstatic.

passing by way of the attention of a needle

Keep in mind, Sat-Chit-Ananda. Fact, existence, bliss, are all one and the identical. Bliss is the very nature of our being, and inseparable from Fact itself. That’s why one can’t attain any sort of stability in bliss if one is in any means dwelling a lie. Lies and bliss can’t coexist.

As Dan Winter so eloquently places it, solely “shareable ideas” can cross via the zero-level into infinity (that is my paraphrasing of Dan Winter, of course). Lies will not be shareable concepts. They don’t seem to be of the appropriate frequency to embed into the bliss present, and if we cling to them, they may impede our passage by means of the Zero Level into the Infinite Genius of our True Nature. So, appears to me, step primary can be, to be trustworthy, particularly with your self.

I consider that is the true which means of Jesus’ saying about passing by means of the attention of a needle. One who hoards, and can’t share, will be unable to make this transition to blissful existence. it’s actually simply physics, nothing mystical about it in any respect. The zero/infinity level on the middle of the torus IS the attention of the needle. Solely shareable concepts can cross by way of.

consensus nodes

One other factor to remember of, and as soon as once more, that is from my very own expertise. As one “comes online” with the bliss present, one begins to note that one is a component of a community, and this community is growing in energy every day. I might name this being a “consensus node” on this community of supernal mild, Acutely aware Mild (as Adi Da calls it), (the “Organic Light” of the Gnostics,) that’s being established right here on Earth. It’s to actually grow to be an “earth assistant” if you’ll. John Lash’s time period for somebody like that is from the Gnostics: Telestes: which suggests “one who is aimed”.

I borrowed this time period “consensus node” from the blockchain, as i really feel that blockchain know-how is a sort of outer reflection of one thing new that’s occurring inside us. In blockchain know-how, all of the computer systems on a community attain consensus almost concurrently, in different phrases, each pc on the community exhibits the very same info, about any transaction. That is what makes it unhackable. There are a number of applied sciences being developed now, by which any consumer at house can host on their pc one of the “consensus nodes” on the blockchain, which signifies that their pc’s additional processing energy can be utilized for the general work of the community, as one of the nodes which involves consensus with all the opposite nodes.

So once we join with this bliss community all of us routinely come into unhackable consensus with Life Itself. The Parasite has no entry to this Area. It’s the greatest safety one can have. All these of us within the bliss course of are on the identical web page, although we’re concurrently distinctive people (Aquarius/Leo). It’s an on the spot understanding, an intuitive consensus, that wants no outdoors affirmation.

So what we discover, is that now we will permit our “processing power” for use by the complete community, which is powering up the brand new imaginative and prescient, and resisting the archontic disruption of the online of life on earth. We will donate our consciousness to the pool, and it’ll broaden exponentially. I consider that is why these of us who awaken can at occasions really feel exhausted for no obvious purpose. We’re engaged on one other degree, processing the liberation of the planet inside this radical (root) community, even whereas sleeping. However to somebody who shouldn’t be awakening their true potential, this concept can appear utterly preposterous.

As soon as once more, that is what i might name being “butterfly effective”.

Prior to now it was only a few individuals working at this degree. Therefore the renunciates dwelling in hermitage, engaged on humanity on an invisible degree. These days, with so many individuals starting to awaken, the facility of this community has gotten formidable, and it’ll solely improve exponentially from right here. That’s my tackle it, at the very least, for what it’s value.

Kabir Das Sant

I need to offer you an instance of the butterfly impact. Might it’s that the rationale humanity has not destroyed itself but, by nuclear warfare or no matter different disaster, is as a result of of this man? Have a pay attention right here, he begins across the 2 minute mark.

Should you ask me to show it’s so, properly, i might ask you to show to me, that it’s not so.  We’re nonetheless right here, aren’t we? that’s my proof, what’s yours? ?

That is how the butterfly impact works.

To the caterpillar, the butterfly impact appears unattainable, however to the butterfly, it’s apparent.

bliss is contagious

One other factor about bliss is that it’s contagious. That is how Dan Winter has described it. Therefore the custom of Satsang, with a grasp who embodies it. The scholar can attune himself to the instructor/grasp, after which the spark can leap, the circuit can reconnect. I can attest to this in my very own case. In solely takes a second of mutual recognition, as actually it takes place outdoors of time.

However maybe in an expanded and “enhanced” model of the scholar/instructor paradigm, we will discover the mutuality of respectful friendship as an equally helpful approach to cross it on. In case you can sit in silent communion with associates who’ve woke up the bliss present in themselves, then maybe you’ll be able to decide up the “knack” your self. It’s a matter of sympathetic resonance. And along with others, the present might be magnified exponentially.

In fact that’s going to require your capability to discern and really feel whether or not somebody is in communion with this situation or not, which suggests you’ll have to already realize it. And guess what: you do. Briefly, it takes one to know one. It takes oneness to know oneness. You’ll not obtain something from anybody else, that is in you already, and needs to be woke up inside YOU. It solely want take a second, in case you are ripe. If not, it’s going to take so long as it takes, when you consider in time.

It’s like in the event you sing with others who sing in tune, maybe you’ll sing in tune too. It’s a matter of tuning your self, like an instrument, and like a radio. Modify the tuner, to obtain the frequency, after which the communication. And once you start vibrating on this frequency, you then turn into contagious too. And that is Satsang, the corporate of Fact. Good Firm. Be with those that increase your vibration into one of bliss, as a result of they exist there already.

true bliss (ananda) isn’t an emotional state

However don’t be fooled by the unfinished model of bliss. It isn’t a “positive emotion”. It isn’t an emotion in any respect, and is past constructive or destructive. It isn’t a “peak experience”, besides earlier than it turns into the established situation by which you reside. it isn’t about “feeling good”, “blissed out”, or snug, or “having fun”, it’s about turning into 100% actual. It’s typically insufferable. There isn’t a consolation per se in it, or discomfort for that matter, until and till you’ll be able to grow to be snug with free falling by way of area. Ultimately it is possible for you to to chill out and conduct this type of drive, nevertheless it takes the physique a while to know how one can exist on this method, as it’s so radically new.

The method i see it, bliss has nothing to do with self-indulgent pleasure, though it may be intensely pleasurable at occasions. It’s extra a duty. If you wish to see the world made entire, you’ll, ultimately, have to interact your self on this course of, which is, at its root, self-sacrifice, and self-transcendence.

After which, as soon as consideration is free, wherever you set your consideration is made entire.

We’ll steadily recalibrate to it, and your complete expertise of being in physique will transform. That is nonetheless just about uncharted territory, an entire new world of risk.

I might additionally wish to stress that, at the very least in my expertise, that is an precise psycho-bodily course of, that’s palpably felt (typically very intensely) even at a bodily degree. It’s far more than simply an “attitude” or a “mindset”. In truth, it finally ends up obliterating all “mindsets” in pure primal Radiance with out qualifications. That’s the reason simply studying about it in a e-book is unlikely to deliver concerning the requisite transformation. It requires you to do the troublesome work of radical self-undoing, no matter it takes.

These are just a few extra of my observations within the continuity of awakening. It’s a by no means ending course of of initiations, into larger, extra refined frequencies, which can ultimately even launch us from the necessity to inhabit a bodily car. However whereas we’re right here, let’s stay the bodily world with such depth and sensitivity, that it transforms from a jail right into a prism.

Crossing the edge is step one into the brand new actuality, by which our siddhis, our superpowers, start to awaken. That is when the precise “fun” begins. We then see that it’s infinite, this unfolding into multi-dimensional being, and that the training won’t ever cease, even once we move past the necessity for bodily incarnation.

Concerning the Writer

Package Walker, explorer in music and consciousness, is devoted to uncovering and sharing the hyperlinks between frequency and religious awakening. An completed and numerous musician, nicely-versed in lots of traditions, he has additionally devoted a lot of his time and a spotlight to the alchemy of human participation within the planetary awakening. This has led him via many numerous religious traditions and meditation practices in addition to an in-depth research of astrology. His educating is predicated on how you can convey the apply of music into a complete life-artwork, a yoga which trains and transforms physique, thoughts and spirit. Please go to his web site at KitWalkerMusic.

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