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Men’s Watches 101: How to Choose a Wristwatch

I’ve all the time had an curiosity in watches.

But up until just lately, I never really considered exactly how they labored, or what separated a good watch from a dangerous one.

After a bit of analysis, now I’m right here to share my findings with you.

If you’re exploring the world of men’s watches, things can get pretty difficult and even a bit overwhelming. So on this watch primer, I’m going to share the fundamentals of what you need to think about when buying a watch.

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Varieties of Watch Movements

You possibly can’t really speak about watches with out talking about “movements.” You possibly can think of a watch motion as principally just like the engine inside your watch that retains it operating. It moves the palms, plus some other additional features of your men’s watch.

There are actually three essential kinds of watch movements that you simply need to fear about.

Quartz Actions

Quartz men's watchA quartz movement is what you’ll usually find inside an on a regular basis watch. Quartz watches are available a wide selection of high quality. From the cheap watches you’d discover in mass retail chains to higher-quality watch manufacturers. Quartz watches are battery powered, and their movement causes that signature “ticking” of the second hand.

They’re referred to as quartz timepieces because there’s truly a tiny piece of crystal quartz inside. The electrical signal from the battery passes via the quartz, which makes it vibrate precisely 32,768 occasions per second. These vibrations get measured and converted into one pulse each second.

Execs and Cons of Quartz Watches

Listed here are a few of the execs of quartz watches:

They’re probably the most accurate – Quartz mechanisms are far much less doubtless to lose or add seconds all through the day.

They don’t want much maintenance – Quartz timepieces have fewer shifting elements, which suggests less stuff that may go flawed. Except for swapping out your watch battery each couple of years, there isn’t a lot upkeep that wants to be carried out.

They’re the least expensive – Positive, you will discover higher-end quartz watches that value lots of of dollars. However as a common rule, quartz watches are virtually all the time cheaper than men’s watches with automated or mechanical actions.

They’re extra durable – The less shifting elements in a quartz watch benefits them in this area as nicely. If your job includes getting dusty and soiled every single day, you might want to wear a quartz watch.

Now for a few of the downsides of quartz watches:

They don’t have a clean movement – In case you’re in search of that signature sweeping motion of a mechanical watch, unfortunately you’re never going to get it from quartz. That exaggerated ticking second-hand motion is just a signature a part of how a quartz motion operates.

Less craftsmanship – Quartz watches are extra doubtless to be mass-produced. So there typically isn’t the same degree of care or hours of specialized technical work that goes into creating a mechanical watch.

Mechanical Movements

winding a mechanical watch

A mechanical movement doesn’t use a battery but as an alternative wants to be manually wound to hold it operating. As an alternative of ticking, a mechanical motion produces extra of a clean and steady sweeping motion.

A mechanical motion makes use of a spring-driven mechanism, referred to as a mainspring, which needs to be periodically wound. Power is transferred from the mainspring to smaller springs and gears, powering the arms and other features of the watch.

Execs and Cons of Mechanical Watches

Listed here are some execs of mechanical males’s watches:

They last longer – A top quality mechanical watch will final in your whole lifetime if it’s properly cared for and maintained. It’d even be one thing that you simply move down to the subsequent era.

No batteries required – With a mechanical motion, you never have to fear about batteries dying and needing to be replaced. Manually rewinding your watch each day might be an pleasurable ritual.

Higher aesthetics and more luxurious – Mechanical watches tend to simply appear and feel better and of a larger high quality than most quartz watches. Some might have gears uncovered to be able to see the interior workings and oscillations of the watch. They have a tendency to function general greater high quality supplies, like scratch-resistant sapphire crystal as an alternative of glass. Mechanical watches are additionally just more tactile and have extra character to them.

Clean hand motion – Personally, I really like the graceful sweeping movement of a mechanical watch and even discover it a bit hypnotizing. I can just sit and luxuriate in watching it for minutes at a time. If that’s necessary to you, it is best to undoubtedly think about a mechanical watch.

Listed here are a number of the downsides of mechanical watches:

They require common winding – With a quartz watch, you’ll be able to just put it in a drawer for several weeks and it’ll keep on ticking. That isn’t the case with mechanical watches. At most, they will often go about two days with out winding. Some individuals really take pleasure in winding up their watch every day and look ahead to it, while different individuals find it a little bit of a nuisance. Should you fall into the latter class, a mechanical watch won’t be the only option for you.

They aren’t as accurate – Even the perfect mechanical watches are solely about 99.99% accurate. Which may seem superb. However even a zero.01% difference may end up in your watch getting a second fast or sluggish every day. As your watch ages, it’ll start to get much less and less accurate. Every 5 or 10 years or so, you’ll need to take your watch to a jeweler to get it tuned up a bit. Quartz watches don’t tend to fall out of sync like that.

They’re environmentally delicate – A mechanical watch is filled with tiny gears and comes. So any publicity to mud, shock, moisture, and even magnets can probably wreak havoc on them. Most trendy mechanical watches are designed to counteract most of those points. But for those who’re continually hammering or working with dirty elements day-after-day, it is perhaps better to wear a quartz watch for on a regular basis use and reserve your mechanical watch for whenever you dress up.

They’re costlier – A lot more work and craftsmanship goes into creating a mechanical watch. Naturally, that will get reflected within the worth. It’s exhausting to find a quality mechanical look ahead to less than $200, with most of them costing greater than $500. When it comes to Rolex or Cartier watches, you can be taking a look at tens of hundreds of dollars.

Automated Actions

An automated watch movement makes use of the kinetic power from the motion of your wrist to mechanically drive the watch mechanism, as an alternative of relying on a battery or needing to be manually wound.

Automated watches are additionally typically referred to as self-winding watches. When you assume the thought of winding your watch daily could possibly be annoying, then an automated motion is value wanting into.

These actions use a metallic weight referred to as a rotor, which spins once you transfer your wrist. This spinning transfers power and winds a mainspring contained in the watch.

Execs and Cons of Automated Watches

Listed here are some execs of automated males’s watches.

No winding or batteries required – An automated watch is nearly like magic! It doesn’t need to be wound or be powered by a battery. So long as you wear it repeatedly, it is going to maintain functioning as regular.

Clean movement and aesthetics – An automated movement is all the things that a mechanical movement is, just with the additional self-winding function. Meaning it comes with the identical refined look and clean hand movement that you simply’d anticipate from another mechanical watch. Simply with the added bonus of not having the effort of winding it daily.

Extra hefty – Automated watches will tend to be thicker than a common mechanical watch. That’s as a result of additional room is required inside for the rotor. An automated watch feels more weighty and vital on your wrist. I like the heavy feeling. But when you’re on the lookout for one thing extra minimalist, this could truly be a draw back for you.

The cons of an automated watch are comparable to these of another mechanical watch:

They’re much less accurate than quartz and can need some tune-ups. They’re additionally sensitive to the surroundings as nicely. Like different mechanical watches, automated watches similarly come at a larger worth because of the excessive degree of expertise and engineering concerned in making them.

The most important draw back to an automated watch is that it wants to be stored in a watch winder whenever you aren’t sporting it. Identical to parking your automotive in a storage for months with out driving it, leaving an automated watch sitting for prolonged durations of time can truly injury it. So you want an automated watch winder to hold it going.

A watch winder is a machine that slowly spins and keeps your automated watch wound whereas it isn’t being worn. They don’t value a lot, but they’ll take up area in your shelf and it’s another thing to have to fear about.

In fact, the choice is simply to just remember to put on your automated watch every single day.

The 5 C’s of Watch Terminology

The world of watches is filled with a whole vocabulary. Listed here are a few phrases you may hear when in search of the right watch which don’t have immediately obvious meanings.

Caliber – That is simply one other word for a watch movement.

Chronograph – A watch that has a stopwatch perform in addition to having the ability to maintain time.

Chronometer – That is a watch that has been independently tested by the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.) To satisfy this commonplace, a watch has to find a way to remain correct to inside sure thresholds in several positions and over the course of a number of days.

Complication – Any additional features that a watch has, in addition to merely telling the time. A watch may need a calendar or moon part indicator constructed into it.

Crown – The crown of your watch is what you employ to change the time. It’s normally a little knob on the aspect of your watch that you simply’ll pull out slightly to modify the time.

Bonus Time period: Bezel

Okay, I know this one doesn’t begin with a C. Nevertheless it’s still necessary for you to know.

A bezel is an outer ring on the case of your watch. It is perhaps made from the identical material because the case, or it might be manufactured from a totally different metallic. Greater finish watches might even have bezels embellished with valuable gems.

How To Buy A Men’s Watch

When it comes to deciding on what kind of watch to get for yourself, or as a present for someone else, right here is a quick information with some key things to take note.

What Sort of Movement Does It Have?

I already mentioned the differences between quartz, mechanical, and automated watches so I gained’t go into an excessive amount of depth again.

The primary factor to take into account is that mechanical or automated watches are costlier to buy and keep.

Quartz watches have a tendency to be better for those who’re on a finances, and may nonetheless look great.

What Is The Case Measurement or Diameter?

This one really is dependent upon the dimensions of your wrist. So I’d advocate going to a jewellery store to attempt on a few several types of males’s watches and see what works properly for you. When you’re a greater man, you might want a actually giant and hefty watch. Should you’re smaller, you might want one thing that matches your proportions—extra slim and lightweight.

For most guys, a watch with a diameter of round 40mm tends to be excellent though.

As well as to matching the watch face to your proportions, you additionally want to be aware of the thickness of the watch—especially should you put on tightly fitted sleeves.

watch diameter 44 mm

What Materials and Colors Is It?

Watches are available all totally different case and face mixtures when it comes to materials and colours. It really comes down to personal choice and the type of style assertion that you really want to convey.

Some individuals love all-black watches, because they’re straightforward to match with just about anything. While gold and silver are more conventional.

I’d advocate taking a look at what rings and other varieties of jewellery you often wear. You want to find something that matches your wedding ceremony ring as an alternative of clashing with it, for example.

What Band Sort Do You Want?

A leather-based band or metallic links are nice for a skilled or business setting.

Material or canvas is nice when it comes to consolation and sturdiness, however style-wise it works for more informal settings.

Suede bands are a bit extra trendy and concrete.

Plastic or rubber bands are more widespread on cheap or sport watches.

With leather-based and other fabrics, one factor to search for is whether the materials have been glued collectively or stitched; stitching can typically maintain together higher than glued elements.

What About Water Resistance?

Some watches are stamped “water resistant” which suggests they have some primary safety towards humidity. They will handle some splashing while washing your palms, but you shouldn’t take a bathe or swim with them on.

When you plan on submerging your watch, you must search for a watch with that’s rated to no less than 50M or “5ATM”, which suggests it may possibly keep its seal up to 50 meters or about 164 ft.

How A lot Do You Need To Spend?

There’s virtually no restrict to the amount which you could spend on a quality males’s watch.

No, literally. There are mechanical watches on the market that value upward of a million dollars!

It’s attainable to find quality mechanical watches for underneath $300, however most are within the $300 to $700 range. While some luxury brands can go for hundreds of dollars.

DAEM Watches

Daem watch with leather band

Huge thanks to DAEM, who sponsored this submit and made it potential for me to get this info to you.

The identify DAEM is an anagram of the phrase “made.” They make watches for formidable men on the journey to turning into self-made. It’s a look ahead to individuals who create opportunities for themselves and others.

DAEM’s watches are designed from scratch in Brooklyn, New York. They have a vast number of designs, whether or not you’re in search of one thing casual or a bit more formal. Their timeless designs go properly with virtually any outfit.

What really sets DAEM aside is their emphasis on high quality elements and in depth testing. Their watches are constructed so they can be handed down to the subsequent era.

They use Swiss-made Ronda 505 movements for exact and correct timekeeping. Their face is protected by an extremely scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The straps on their watches function real stitched Italian leather for added longevity and luxury.

DAEM watches have a diameter of 40mm, which I feel appears great on nearly any wrist. The watch isn’t too thick both. I really like the slim profile of their watch, which measures just 9mm from case backside to prime.

Despite all these finer touches, DAEM watches are nonetheless extraordinarily reasonably priced for the everyday guy.

In case you’re taken with testing DAEM watches, use supply code DM20 to save 20% off . Go to DAEM web site.

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