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Ever Feel Discouraged or Overwhelmed? Me Too…

So much is occurring behind the scenes here so I apologize for not writing more, or holding you within the loop.

I’ve been in testing mode (once more!) 🙂 with some intriguing results – and in any other case making an attempt to get via the dailies around here. 😛

Let’s catch up slightly, because I feel what I’ve been going via the previous few weeks may make good “food for thought” for you too… then I can get back to my normal updates and day by day meals diaries. 😉

This all started on my birthday a few weeks in the past…

Should you watch this video you’ll see that I acquired out all of my journals and planners and fun stuff to map out some formidable objectives for the yr:

My favourite is the Jumpstart Your Objectives In 90 Days motivation & success planner!

My birthday was a troublesome day fact be recognized, though you’ll be able to’t actually inform it in that video. I attempt to make the perfect of even onerous days…

So on my birthday I decided to spend a while focusing on ME and on what I would like out of life, plus changing issues I DON’T like or want anymore, and mapping out some huge formidable objectives for the subsequent yr of my life.

Planning out your objectives and making a plan to create constructive modifications is FUN and exciting!

Till it’s NOT, lol.

I don’t find out about you, but not long after I get all enthusiastic about something and start mapping out the plan for how you can make it occur… I get utterly OVERWHELMED.

Once I get overwhelmed, I really feel discouraged after which I shut down – and really feel defeated before I ever even really begin.

It took me an excellent WEEK to work via all of those combined feelings of excitement and anticipation and overwhelm and discouragement, forwards and backwards, up and down. 😛

That’s human nature.

We resist change.

Our thoughts will run on auto-pilot if we let it, with days passing into weeks then into months, doing the same things time and again out of habit.

Attempt to make any little change and BOOM – resistance!

The thing is: wishing you’d change, or that you simply have been doing the belongings you really need to be doing, or being the individual you really WANT to be – that doesn’t feel good.

You beat yourself up, end the day with regrets (once more), marvel why you possibly can’t do higher or be as motivated as this individual or that one, and so forth.

Or at the least that’s how it feels to me.

It makes me feel dangerous about myself.

Or when getting from the place you at the moment are to where you need to be seems like a LONG HAUL and a number of work I get overwhelmed and discouraged – and totally deflate.

But whenever you take action, ANY motion, that feels SO good!

I mirrored on all of this over that complete week, paying attention to my emotions and reactions, and kinda letting it all play out whereas I made a decision what to do.

Take Care of Yourself

The one factor that basically stood out to me in my journaling was REGRETS.

I’ve had plenty of regrets through the years, tons – like anybody else I’m positive. But I made a decision it was time to let go of those.

What’s completed is completed, but each single day I reside in now… I can choose NOT to have any regrets about how I stay it.⁣ In order that’s the place I made a decision to start out…

Each single day, I’m going to do no matter it is I might remorse NOT doing.⁣

Some days that’s a 30 minute break within the sunshine because I maintain searching the window watching the day move me by, or a walk in a light-weight rain as a result of it feels superb on a scorching night! Or a cuddle with my nice dane where I curl up on his doggy bed with him and simply BE together, as a result of he’s getting previous, or a go to with my father – because what number of more will I get? ❤⁣

Last Monday I grabbed my float and headed to the river to only ENJOY THE SUNSHINE for a few hours, for example.

I’d labored all weekend, labored that morning, and had to work late that night time. I knew I used to be going to REGRET lacking a stunning sunny summer time afternoon, so I dropped every thing and simply went!

Keto Life and Self Care

That felt SO GREAT!

Do one thing at present for YOU, one thing that makes you smile like you’ve got a secret. 💕

Sure there’s laundry & dishes to do, closets to wash out, house repairs to are likely to, emails to reply yada yada yada… however it’s a must to make time for yourself too.

You simply HAVE to.⁣

Whether it’s BIG objectives like writing a ebook or getting in superb form, or it’s simply the objective of being happier and more healthy, it’s the little things that make the most important difference: the consistent every day actions.

I imply, we’ve all gone to the health club and accomplished a very nice sweaty workout, then look within the mirror all dissatisfied we didn’t immediately “get in shape” after that ONE exhausting workout. Am I right? 🤣

I know it might be good if we might change the whole lot, fix the whole lot or make all the things RIGHT – right now. But that’s unrealistic.

You only have so many hours in a day, and most of us have those pretty darn full already, so it’s straightforward to only surrender before you get began.

I decided my answer is:


Every single meal is a choice. I don’t need to make any huge guarantees or change my entire life, I just should determine what I’m going eat proper now.

Once I feel discouraged about my flabby arms, I cease and do a set of 20 Tricep Dips.

If I begin feeling dangerous about not calling this good friend or answering that e mail – I cease and simply DO IT. If I feel guilty about not visiting my dad these days, I work out when’s the subsequent time I can go and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

It’s a simple shift that makes you not really feel like a sufferer of dangerous decisions and regrets, and makes you are feeling IN CONTROL as an alternative.

I’ve been doing this now for the final week and it feels AMAZING!

I understand that a brief walk for 10 or 15 minutes isn’t going to get me in super superb form anytime quickly. But I can really FEEL that incline on the best way again, plus I really feel SO good for just DOING SOMETHING, for taking action as an alternative of sitting around wishing I might begin walking again – or that I had the time to go out for a half day hike or even a 2 mile walk.

I’m also back to my quick house workout, just easy physique weight workouts that take all of 10 minutes. Is it an intense exercise, an hour on the health club, or lifting weights like that tremendous fit chick on Instagram? No – however it’s what I can do, and I’m DOING IT, and I don’t go to sleep regretting I didn’t exercise yet AGAIN that day.

Doing nothing makes me really feel like a failure, and makes me feel dissatisfied in myself.

Doing one thing, even the little things, makes me really feel GOOD about myself – and provides me a sense of accomplishment that motivates me to do MORE.

The train I’ve been doing recently helps, I can feel the distinction!

Being in keeping with little issues is WAY higher than persistently doing NOTHING.

Day by day constructive decisions & actions really add up too. It’s not what you do once that modifications your life or brings you great outcomes. It’s what you do DAILY that creates your life.

So the query is:

What am I doing day by day to make my life higher/worse?

Then start doing less of the more severe, and more of the bettering. 😉

Life is all the time going to be busy and crazy and chaotic and filled with sudden distractions and things that derail me and all that stuff. That’s LIFE.

It feels SO good to have only one little supply of satisfaction and management in an in any other case whirlwind of days that flip into weeks and months.

All that point goes by (and quick!), but I feel SO good understanding that just taking 10 minutes to work on my arms or abs WILL make a difference. Not solely does it make me feel better about myself TODAY, it is going to add up over time.

The place if I do nothing, three months from now my arms will still jiggle and make me self acutely aware, and I’ll simply regret having finished NOTHING about it.

Um, hiya last three months! Been there already. And the three months earlier than that, and the three months earlier than that too. 😛

We all know what it looks like NOT to do something, proper?

We all know what it feels wish to REGRET not doing the things.

What I need to know is: What is going to it feel like if I just do what I can, and do it persistently, and maintain going?

That’s exactly how I misplaced my weight consuming low carb, by the best way.

I struggled SO much for SO long getting my head straight about it, till in the future I simply decided to go 90 FULL DAYS consuming 20 internet carbs max – regardless of how I felt, regardless of where I used to be, no matter what the scales stated even. Simply 90 days.

That one little 3 month commitment totally modified my weight reduction journey – and my life. Being in ketosis that lengthy persistently killed my cravings and my want to binge, made me feel IN CONTROL, and helped me change my (poisonous) relationship with meals.

I simply took it in the future at a time. Not the whole 90 days directly, simply at some point at a time – one meal at a time, truly. That’s all you really should do!

Listed here are present pictures of me taken day earlier than yesterday:

Keto Weight Loss Success Story Photos

I shared that photograph on Fb right here together with my current stats: peak, weight, measurement, objectives, and so forth.

I have SO rather more I need to share with you!

It’s been a crazy month, and next week I’m headed off for KetoCon (yay!!) – however I’ve been performing some VERY fascinating testing these days and can’t wait to share the outcomes with you, together with what I’m consuming recently and what I’m not consuming (and why).

I’ve been posting updates every day on each Instagram and Facebook, which is a superb place to keep up and join in on the discussions – and will also be a good way to keep up with my day by day happenings through the KetoCon trip. 😉

I’d really like to speak brazenly in upcoming posts about things like exogenous ketones (and why I DO NOT advocate utilizing them), ketone levels and what those may mean for you, calories and why that’s extra difficult than only a quantity, and so forth, and so on, and so on.

However principally, I’d love to listen to what YOU most need to study more about or hear from me. Or any questions you have got…

As for my every day food diaries, these can be back soon. I’ve been eating VERY easy these days and very few foods as I proceed recovering from my intestine health points that began final winter – which is another matter I’d love to debate with you more too…

How are things going with you?

And hey…

Do one thing at present that makes YOU smile!

This notice wasn’t good, nevertheless it was on MY listing of issues I might regret if I didn’t get it executed. 😉 As a result of I miss you, and it retains bugging me that I haven’t had the time to put in writing right here as a lot as traditional these days.

So forgive my rambling, but on prime of each a stroll AND a home workout at this time, I can now fall asleep without regretting yet one more day glided by with out sharing an overdue update with you. 💕

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. For those who’re collaborating within the Low Carb Problem the Week 11 Weigh-In is in our personal group. I’m going to do something just a little totally different for the subsequent challenge… so keep tuned for particulars! 😉

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