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21 Forward Helix Piercing Examples with Information

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The forward helix piercing is shortly gaining reputation as each a single piercing and as multiples.  It is each sassy and sweet in that whereas this can be very visible, it’s also very female and may be made fairly dainty depending on jewelry selection.  Mostly, individuals are leaning towards a trio of jeweled barbells of descending sizes in the triple forward helix, typically abbreviated as the ‘T.F.H.’.

Being such a well-liked selection proper now, many piercing outlets will probably be providing this selection, some even at a reduction.  That stated, inevitably, a few of these outlets won’t have artists correctly outfitted with both the instruments, jewellery or expertise to deliver this venture to fruition safely.  When choosing a shop, be certain that to look by way of portfolios (which should include not only recent but in addition well-healed piercings), be sure that the shop is sanitary and respected, and above all; ensure you really feel snug there.

This piercing carried out incorrectly can lead to a plethora of ugly problems together with rejection, heavy seen scarring, keloids and even cauliflower ear.  TAKE THE TIME TO FIND AN EXPERIENCED PIERCER.  The worth ought to be the absolute last concern you could have, don’t be tempted to place your self at pointless danger to economize; it is going to come out within the wash after remedy for a piercing gone improper that the cheap place on the nook value you far more than you bargained for.

What’s a Forward Helix Piercing?

A forward helix piercing is a singular piercing that is situated within the prime front cartilage of your ears. The outer rim of your ear is known as the helix which signifies that forward helix is the entrance aspect of this rim. That is the place your ears and face meet. Because of this best location, everyone will simply discover your ahead helix piercing.

Forward Helix Piercing Inspirations

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21 Forward Helix Piercings and Jewellery

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Forward Helix Piercing Ache and Procedure

Once more, it’s best to go to a totally licensed, skilled, and respected piercing studio. They will provide you with one of the best, safest, and most professional service. You can even make certain that their surroundings is very sterile. If you’d like, you’ll be able to even ask for a proof; Perhaps verify their gear, tools, and jewelry choices. You may also examine how they sterilize their gear and instruments. Once you’re snug with them, you’ll be asked to sign a consent type and will probably be allowed to decide on your jewellery. Then, you may be taken to a personal room where your piercing might be carried out. The piercer will set the issues out wanted for the procedure. If there are tools on the desk that have been already opened, ask for brand spanking new tools you can verify the sterile markers on, or depart.  ALL sterile instruments must be opened right in entrance of you.  They will even put on sterile gloves. After that, they’ll sterilize the jewelry and prepare the clean gear.

You’ll be asked to take a seat on a chair and they’ll clean your forward helix with an alcohol wipe. The piercing course of for a forward helix piercing is fairly simple. The piercer will start the process by putting markings on the ahead helix. After the markings are positioned on their very best positions, you’ll be allowed to see it. You might also categorical your opinions about it; whether you like it a bit larger, decrease or separated. When you just like the place of the marks, the piercer will proceed with the procedure by sanitizing the situation. As soon as the ear is clear, the piercer will usually use a receiving tube (NRT) to brace the tissue for the puncture. Next,  the piercer will use a needle to create the perforation on your cartilage. After that, the piercer will place your selection of knickknack within the hole, thread and safe it in by tightening the ball. In the event you only selected to get a single forward helix piercing, the method ought to cease here however in the event you selected to get a double and triple ahead helix piercing, the piercer will sanitize the world once more and do the identical course of in piercing. Once the piercing course of is accomplished. the piercer will talk about the perfect aftercare procedures with you. They might also offer you a mirror as a way to examine your new piercing. They in all probability would additionally advocate a cleaning answer which you should purchase from them.

Keep in mind that the piercer should only use a needle to pierce your ear. They should never use a gun to create the perforation because it brings a whole lot of dangers. Since forward helix is a cartilage, utilizing a gun may end up in the shattering of your cartilage which may lead to a collapse and a deformation within the ears. Along with that, the gun can also trigger infection because a gun cannot be sterilized.

After the process, there are a number of regular body reactions that you shouldn’t alarm you. You may even see swelling and redness on the ears. Swelling of the pores and skin surrounding the cartilage is totally regular but can be slight and short-lived. Piercers will sometimes use a slightly longer bar or bigger diameter ring as initial jewelry to allow totally free motion while cleansing. The redness in your ears can also be widespread however it ought to be gone in 3-4 days. You might also expertise extreme discomfort and itchiness. After the piercing, your ear will probably be painful and delicate. Because of its high sensitivity, you might feel ache even with slight muscle actions like smiling. The itchiness might be more prevalent in the healing part of your piercing. Along with that, you might also really feel run down after the process; you could feel drained and heat.

Forward Helix Piercing Ache

In terms of pain, it all differs from person to person since we all have totally different pain thresholds. Forward helix piercing might harm greater than a daily helix piercing. Most piercing fanatic would fee ahead helix piercing pain from 5-7 with 10 being probably the most painful.

Forward Helix Piercing Prices

The cost of the piercing would differ depending on your selection of piercing studio and choice of jewellery. The worth for a person forward helix piercing can vary anyplace from $30-90, not counting further fees for jewelry and naturally, a tip; and naturally, a undertaking of multiple piercings will invariably value extra.

Forward Helix Piercing Therapeutic

Therapeutic might differ from individual to individual too. It might also be troublesome to evaluate if your piercing has already utterly healed or not. Chances are you’ll feel no ache within the space nevertheless it doesn’t essentially mean that it has utterly healed. Forward helix piercing sometimes shall be healed within Eight-12 weeks with correct aftercare, though multiples will, in fact, lengthen that point.

Forward Helix Piercing Infection

There are a couple of purple flags that you ought to be conscious of when your piercing is healing. There are symptoms and alerts that may point out in case you are having an allergic response or an infection. Infections can develop due to unsanitized procedure or improper cleaning habits. Should you see that the swelling in your ears will get worse even after the 3rd or 4th day of your piercing procedure, it might be a sign that your ears aren’t alright. If the lengthy thick bar used on your piercing already appears embedded on the swelling, it is best to search professional assist instantly. If the redness in your ears doesn’t disappear after every week, it may also be a sign of an infection. It will possibly even worsen when your begins feeling a scorching tingling sensation on the ears. Which means the skin on your ahead helix has elevated temperature as an allergic response from an initial an infection.

It might be regular for the ears to secrete a yellowish-white lymph but when the ears secrete pus of various colors like brown, yellow, or inexperienced, it means that you’ve developed a very dangerous infection on your piercing. This pus would typically have a very dangerous odor. You must have the ability to odor it even with out taking out the jewellery. When you could have developed a very dangerous an infection in your ears, likelihood is that you will also endure from high fever, chills, nausea, fatigue, and vomiting. You possibly can forestall these situations from occurring by doing the right aftercare as offered by your artist.

If, for ANY purpose, you’re concerned about infection or basic healing of your piercing; don’t hesitate to return to your piercer and get the recommendation you want.

Forward Helix Piercing Aftercare

The cardinal guidelines of ear piercings aftercare are to gently but completely clean the world with the right answer (most piercers advocate saline – which you should purchase premade, or make your personal), avoid introducing contaminants, (i.e. make-up, hairspray, lotion) and of course do NOT touch the piercing with your palms except when you are cleansing after utterly washing your arms with a very good antibacterial soap.

Forward Helix Aftercare Directions

  • Step One
  • On the primary day of your piercing, you must permit it to relaxation for a number of hours earlier than you clear it. You’ll be able to clean it at night time before you fall asleep.
  • Step Two
  • When cleaning, it is best to never use a cleansing agent that has been utilized by another individual. You must be capable of get one out of your piercer.
  • Step Three
  • Keep away from using cream, alcohol, and peroxide. Creams may end up in bacterial an infection. Creams are likely to create construct up across the pierced space and ultimately turns into a place for micro organism to develop. Bacteria can result in infections like perichondritis. Peroxide and rubbing alcohol both eat white blood cells, which is exactly what it’s essential heal. It won’t actually permit the piercing to grow to be infected, but it’s going to also not permit it to heal.
  • Step 4
  • Your piercer will usually set you up, alongside with aftercare, with a correct expectation as to how long you will need to wait to vary the jewelry.  Commonplace is 6-8 weeks, and will you’ll want to change the jewelry for ANY cause previous to that time, please consult your piercer for help.
  • Do’s and Dont’s

Instructed Aftercare Products For Forward Helix Piercing

Piercing Care Healing Sea Salts & Botanicals

Piercing Care Healing Sea Salts & BotanicalsPiercing Care Therapeutic Sea Salts & Botanicals – Get it by way of Amazon

This product is nice on your new ahead helix piercing. Piercing Care only accommodates natural components. It’s enriched with nutritional vitamins and minerals. Botanical Oils may also help your piercing heal shortly whereas Aloe Vera and Vitamin E can moisturize and nourish your skin. Since that is concentrated, then you definitely solely want a small quantity.

H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare SprayH2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray – Get it by way of Amazon

After having your forward helix piercing, it is rather essential that it’s essential to take good care of it as a way to forestall swelling and infection. Without aftercare, you’ll endure well being problems and your piercing might be very painful. To be able to clear the piercing area, soak it in a salt water answer. Nevertheless, if this could trigger irritation then you need to use H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray.

Restoration Piercing Aftercare Purified Saline Spray

Forward Helix Piercing AftercareRestoration Piercing Aftercare Purified Saline Spray – Get it by way of Amazon

This pure saline spray works properly for each external and inner use. It could heal and shield your ahead helix piercing. On the similar time, it might provide you with a soothing feeling and take away the ache. It is extremely essential to wash your piercing twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

H2Ocean – Blue Green Liquid Cleaning soap

Double Forward Helix Piercing AftercareH2Ocean – Blue Inexperienced Liquid Cleaning soap – Get it by way of Amazon

It is best to wash your palms with an antibacterial cleaning soap earlier than cleaning your piercing. H2Ocean – Blue Green Liquid Soap shouldn’t be only antibacterial however it’s also antimicrobial. A vegan-friendly soap that’s wealthy in Aloe Vera and free from any perfume.

Ideas For Taking Care of Your Forward Helix Piercing



  • Perform day by day cleansing for the first three weeks of the piercing
  • When you’ve got long hair, attempt to clip it up so it won’t convey dust in the piercing. Clipping it might additionally let you keep away from irritation and snagging.
  • Consult your piercer first with any questions or considerations, NOT your folks.

    Use ONLY the options or cleansing provides accredited and advisable by your artist.

  • Take heed to skilled advice.


  • Go swimming whereas the wound is therapeutic
  • Share personal hygienic merchandise like cleansing agents and towels
  • Touch the piercing
  • Use bleaching merchandise on the piercing
  • Remove the new piercing for cleansing, rest, activities or another cause.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this informational guide on Forward Helix piercings.  For those who’re left with any further questions, contact your local piercer, contact us or comment under!

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