Rolex Watch – the Pursuit of Many Watches Lovers

By: louchima | Date: March 3, 2015 | Categories: Rolex Watches

In 1955, Rolex released GMT for the cross-zones pilots and mechanical, and crews on planes. Since 2005, GMT is fitted with 24 rotating bezel and can access to times of three time zones. Although GMT is designed for professional purposes, it is suitable for ordinary people, as it has cool appearance and good performance, making it a cult item among Rolex fans. Rolex GMT II Double Color Ceramic attracts our attention and it becomes hot after it is released. Reaching 40 mm of the case diameter, Rolex GMT is made of 904 L stainless steel, and the biggest feature is the Cerachrom ceramic bezel. The Cerachrom ceramic bezel is a big accomplishment in the course of Rolex history, and Rolex combines two colors on the ceramic bezel. One thing we should know is that the adding colors on the ceramic is hard because it is unstable.

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In 1959, Rolex worked with Daytona International Speedway and years later, Rolex branded Daytona on the its typical Daytona series. Since then, Rolex cooperated with such events more frequently. It had sponsored the Rolex 24 At Daytona at Florida in 1992, and it was the officially chronograph for the 24 Hours of le Mans. Since 2013, Rolex become the official chronometer for Formula 1. This long-term cooperation pushes their relations to its best. Rolex is also the sponsor of Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion. The pursue of excellence and the particular interest on racing cars facilitate Rolex to support this sport and their close cooperation.

Swiss replica rolex being a world-known watch brand, in order to ensure that every timepiece after leaving the Rolex factory can also conform to the original function and aesthetics design specification, Rolex specially makes out a series of maintenance procedure, and each movements is carefully examined, and the watch case and watch chain are both dealt with fine polishing to reshow the original luster.